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Tetra Bits Complete - 375 grams   
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Brand : Tetra

Tetra Bits Complete 1.25 L

  • Bio-active formula: for a long and healthy life. The bio-active formula is a scientific blend of vitamins and essential nutrients prove to strengthen disease resistance
  • Contain natural pigment enhances to intensify the radiant color of your fish
  • With beta glucan, a natural immunity boosting supplement


  1. Maintains color and shape of tropical fishes.
  2. Pellet food ideal for mid water and bottom feeding fishes.
  3. Provides required nutrients and vitamins.
  4. Facilitate growth of all fishes.
  5. Provides resistance against all diseases.

Specially formulated keeping in mind the high maintenance of tropical fish such as discus. The food has been especially formulated to maintain the shape and color of the fish. It contains all the required nutrients and vitamins, which will facilitate its growth. The food increases the resistance of fishes towards diseases and this complete fish food prevents all kind of diseases associated with deficiency. The tetra complete food is a pellet form of food, which is a preferred form of food. The pellet food has better than flake food for certain users as the pellet form of food sinks through the water faster, which makes it an ideal food for mid water and bottom feeding fishes. The pellet food is a great alternative for mixed community tanks as it not only reaches the tropical fish but is appropriate for loaches as well.

Size: 375 gm